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What can SeeSaw offer?

 Grief support for children (up to the age of 18) when a parent or sibling has died.

 Specialist support for families when a parent or sibling is dying.

 Schools support service.

 Education, training and consultation about childhood bereavement for professionals working with children.

 Specially developed literature and resources to help children, their carers and professionals to understand grief.    

What can SeeSaw do?

 Offer telephone consultations to any parent or professional who is concerned about a bereaved child.

 Offer home visits to families to assess their needs and talk about ways in which SeeSaw might be able to help.    

 Provide tailored individual support for children and young people when needed. This often involves one-to-one sessions with a support worker and takes place where the child is most comfortable – in their own home.    

 Provide specialist support to families and professionals when a parent or sibling is dying.        

 Arrange family events and activity days which enable children, young people and their families to meet together in a fun and relaxed way.        

 Provide information and training to school staff when they are supporting a bereaved child in the classroom or managing a death in the school community.     

 Provide training, consultancy and resources to professionals working with bereaved children and young people.

About our service

▪ We provide a rapid response to requests for advice and support.

▪ We provide support when needed – no waiting list.

▪ There is no charge for our services.

▪ We support families after any cause of death – whether it is sudden or expected, or due to illness or accident.

▪ We also support families following bereavement through suicide, murder or manslaughter.

▪ Our most recent publication is 'What happens when someone dies? – a guide for adults talking with children about funerals. This is available through SeeSaw.

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About Us

YoungDementia UK is a charitable company based in Oxfordshire.  The charity comprises a dedicated, knowledgeable, lively team of trustees and staff, volunteers and inspirational, amazing members whose lives have been changed by young onset dementia.  We learn from each other and together are always seeking the best ways to make the most of life with young onset dementia.

The team’s expertise has been developed and refined since 1998 by face to face, in-depth, long-term relationships with individuals with young onset dementia and their families in and around Oxfordshire.  The principles of our support have been adopted by some other areas beyond the county.

But we know that, in most of the UK, the support needed for people in their 30s to 60s with dementia is not available.  The consequence of this gap is unfulfilled potential, wasted years and lives made unbearable.

So we are on a quest to make sure, with you, that there is a welcoming sense of community in the young onset world.  We want to enable personal experience to be shared, information to be exchanged; we want to influence others who can make a difference, and we want many more people to be inspired, like us, by the extraordinary strength of those who live with young onset dementia, day in and day out.  

To that end we have set up a Young Dementia Network - to find out more, please click here.

Tessa Gutteridge, Director

Contact us:

YoungDementia UK
PO Box 315
OX28 1ZN

Tel 01993 776295 - general enquiries  
Tel 01865 794311 - support-related enquiries

Email  web@youngdementiauk.org - general enquiries
             support@youngdementiauk.org - support-related enquiries

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